Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ways to Make Gold Jewelry

There are many ways to make gold jewelry for stories about Egypt, the Golden Calf, the Building of the Tabernacle, Esther, etc.  Pictured above is wired Christmas ribbon folded in half and stitched together at the ends.

These are loose leaf O rings with pony beads on them all spray painted gold.  These fit around a child's ear pretty easily.
 This bracelet is made from gold elastic string with glittery gold beads.
This necklace is made from a juice can lid spray painted gold with a hole punched in it.  The "jewels" are little girl's stick on earrings.  The string is just plain gold string.  I made a larger necklace like this using those clear CD's that come at the top of a package of blank CD's or DVD's.  I spray painted it gold and hot glued larger "jewels" (beads with flat backs purchased at the craft store).  I strung the string through the hole in the middle of the CD.  I like to use that one with Pharoah or Egyptian women. Pin It

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