Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Abraham and Lot

Abraham and Lot Separate
Genesis 13

More tissue art.  These are quite fun!

These are some figures I made to tell the story of Abraham and Lot. I made these using a technique called "tissue art".  I used regular tissue paper that you would use in a gift sack for all the clothes. The technique is simple and quick and makes the projects turn out beautifully.  It's much quicker than coloring and looks a ton better too. I used pastel chalks to color the skin.  I used patterns from Corbin Hillam's book Bible Story Clip and Copy Patterns.  The characters are precious and make great patterns for many things!

Learn how to create tissue art by watching my video!

Save all your tissue paper from birthdays, Christmas, baby gifts, etc. (Even save the wrinkled pieces.  Those pieces add texture.) It will all come in handy for this type of project.  Pin It