Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pocket Folder Puppet Stage

Abraham's Three Visitors
Pocket Folder Puppets
Genesis 18

What a fun idea from a friend!!  This puppet stage was made from a simple pocket folder without brads in the middle.  I purchased a large group of them for 10 cents when they had them on sale this summer with the school supplies.  I recommend purchasing a colored folder.  One that has the color on the inside as well is best.  This one was white on the inside.  (If you have one with brads, just take the brads out.)

To make this exciting on-the-go puppet stage:

If the inside is white like ours was, glue a large piece of blue construction paper to the inside for the sky and a strip of tan paper on the pocket section for land.  (This could be adjusted for many other stories.  Light blue sky, dark blue water.  Black sky, tan land.  So many options!!)

We made the characters and scene using a Cricut machine.  I glued the people to popsicle sticks but did not glue the very bottom of the people to the stick.  This allows the people to stay put better.  The people are placed with their feet on the outside of the pocket and the stick on the inside of the pocket.  (See the second picture where Sarah is being inserted into the picture.)

The children enjoy manipulating the pieces and retelling the story.  Then to store everything, just put the pieces in the pockets and close the folder!

I plan to make several different versions of this project!

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  1. what a neat idea on the pocket puppets. my kids like things they can make and use . Also on the back packs.

  2. hi, may i know where do you get the images for the puppet ? would you mind sharing it with me ? thanks

  3. I used a Cricut machine to make the people and the clothing. However you could use a pattern found at Click on Bible Paper Doll "Friends" Instructions.Click on any of the red words and you can print dolls, clothes, hair, etc. They won't look exactly like mine, but they will still look great. If they are too big or too small, change the size on a copy machine.