Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jesus Raises from the Dead Moveable PIcture

Jesus Raises from the Tomb
Mark 16, Luke 24

When telling this story, I use this almost magical visual.  I make the tomb with a slit behind it.  I slide the Jesus figure through the slit so that half of him is hanging out the back of the page and the other half is showing as if he were lying in the tomb.  Turning the picture toward the children with my fingers in front beside the tomb and my thumb behind the page holding Jesus in place, I tell the story.

I let the kids help me roll the stone in front of the tomb.

As I tell the rest of the story, I use my thumb and slide the Jesus figure to my right so that he is out of the slit completely and on the back of the page.  I hold him tightly with my thumb so he doesn't fall.  I then have the children help me roll the stone away.  Jesus has magically disappeared!  Jesus has risen!  The grave cannot hold him!

For detailed instructions with pictures and patterns, click here.

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