Monday, September 2, 2013

Jesus' Resurrection Magic Window

Jesus' Resurrection
Matthew 28
In this magic window, we see the tomb where Jesus was laid in the top picture.  The stone is in front of the tomb.  When you pull the tab on the right, you see that Jesus is no longer in the tomb and the stone is rolled away!
The magic window pattern was made with clipart from the book Bible Story Clip and Copy Patterns by Corbin Hillam.  This is one of my favorite books to use as patterns for many, many things!  This precious book is no longer in print, so Mr. Hillam has graciously allowed me to give you the pattern for free.  He is producing a CD with the art from this book.  The drawings are fantastic!  If you would like to purchase a CD for $15, you can contact him at  It is well worth the money!  Other items by him can be seen at

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