Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gift Sack Storytelling

I like to use this gift sack when telling the story of Creation in Genesis Chapter 1.  I found this gift sack at a discount store.  It has a see through window in the front of it.

I purchased these pre-cut sea creatures from a teacher supply store.  Then I hot glued a ribbon to the top of each one.  I chose a blue ribbon so it would blend it better with the background.

When telling the story, I turn the sack around where the children cannot see the window and slide one sea creature in the sack. I say, "Can you guess what else God made on Day 4 that would swim in the water?"  Then I turn the sack around and hold onto the ribbon so the creature will "swim" in the water. I tell them what that sea creature is called and some special details about how God made each one do different things.  For example, I tell them God made the daddy seahorses take care of the babies instead of the mommy sea horses.

I turn the sack back around and change out sea creatures and continue like before until I have shown all the sea creatures.

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