Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 Josiah Finds the Book of the Law
II Kings 22
To make this scroll, I bought a shammy at the dollar type store (used to dry automobiles after washing them).  I cut the shammy apart into smaller squares.  I cut 1/4 in dowel rods into pieces that would almost match my squares.  The dowel rods are slightly longer than the squares.  I hotglued the dowel rods in place.  (Pencils could be used instead of dowel sticks.) With a sharpie, I wrote the memory verse. I rolled up both sides until they met in the middle and tied with a ribbon.

When telling this story, I make a real mess out of my Bible class room with chairs upside down, wads of paper everywhere, etc.  When the children come in, they see our classroom in shambles. I talk about pretending this was the temple and how messed up it had become.  We send different workers to help repair parts of the temple.  Some pick up paper, some turn over chairs, etc.  When someone finds a scroll and doesn't know where it goes, I get all excited about talk about that part of the story.  Then we take turns hiding the scroll around the room and letting each person have a turn finding a scroll to take home.  

This is a different way to make a scroll.  I found some typing paper that looks like parchment paper.  I wrote on it, rolled it up and tied it with a ribbon. Pin It

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