Friday, July 13, 2012

Call of Abram

Call of Abram
Genesis 12:1-9
In this story, God tells Abram to pack up everything you have and "go to the land I will show you."  I found these cute backpack gift sacks (I know they are actually for the children's show "Dora, the Explorer").  I cut out clothes shapes from scraps of fabric, cut a blanket from a piece of flannel, and printed off some other things we might pack if we were packing up and going someplace today.  

As I tell the story, I set up a small, easy to set up pup tent (or just drape a blanket over a table). When it's time to pack up, I have the kids pack all their possessions in their gift sack backpack, we take down the tent, and move on to another place in the room or in the church building (depending on the age of the children).  Then we go to the trouble of setting up camp and taking our things out of the backpacks.  Later, when it's time to move again, we repeat the process.  I even have stuffed animal sheep, camels, etc. we have to herd and move along with us.

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  1. Amazing! Found your page while googling images this evening. Please visit my new blog The Abraham Backpack:
    I will link to this lesson so others can be inspired by what you've done. It sounds like the Lord is getting ready to move His children out to "new territory in the faith". Looks like July 2012 is a good month to start :^D
    Blessings and joy to you!