Thursday, July 12, 2012

Aaron's Staff Becomes a Snake

Aaron's Rod Becomes a Snake     Exodus 7:8-13

I found these neat wavy craft sticks at a local craft store.  I painted one side to look like a rod and the other side to look like a snake.  The kids made different snakes so one could be Aaron's snake and the others could be the Egyptian magicians' snakes.  Of course, Aaron's snake swallows up the others!  They love that part!

When making these, I spray painted one side of all the sticks brown before I gave it to the kids.  The kids just had to add brown lines with a permanent marker to make it look like a rod.  That way, the brown side will be dry and they can go ahead and paint the snake pattern on the other side using acrylic paint or write on it with permanent markers. 

This could also be used when telling the story of the Burning Bush when God gives Moses signs.  God tells Moses to throw his staff down and it becomes a snake. Pin It

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