Monday, July 23, 2012

Abraham's Descendants as Numerous as Stars

Abraham's Descendants
Genesis 15:5 and Genesis 22:17
(This is also great for the story of Creation- Day 4)

I found this really cool glow in the dark sand at the pet store.  (Make sure it has the glow in the dark sticker or says "Glow in the Dark" on the package.)  I let the children put tiny drops of white glue all over a piece of black construction paper to be the stars.  I put this sand into a salt shaker and let the kids shake the sand onto the glue spots like they would apply glitter.  They lift the paper to let the excess slide off.  They have a paper of many, many, many stars which actually glow in the dark.  We turn off the lights and see the stars.

Hint:  To make it glow in the dark right away, leave the sand out in the light to "charge".  When the sand stops glowing, just "charge" it again by putting it in the light for quite a while.

Another hint:  I usually put a tub or a tray under the paper to catch the excess sand.  It's easier to clean up that way. Pin It

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